Horizontal Machining Centers

GE40H, Horizontal Machining Center is suitable for high volume parts maching. The machine has the high reliability and high production features needed for mass production.


  1. #40 spindle of high-output and high-rigidity.
  2. Wide processing erea.
  3. It is possible to use various fixture and gantry.
  4. This machine has extra basic functions as a system machine for mass production.
  5. This machine is "Internet of Things" ready.

Basic specification

Amount of movement X Axis 500 mm
Y Axis  500 mm + 200 mm (ATC stroke)
Z Axis  500 mm
Feed speed Fast Forward Speed 60,000 mm / min
Cutting feed speed 15,000 mm / min
Table Work surface size Φ 400 mm (Ф 320 mm)
Maximum load weight 650 kg (450 kg)
Spindle Maximum spindle speed  12,000 min -1
Tool shank type MAS BT 40
Automatic Tool Changer  Tool storage number 24 (standard), 30 (optional)

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